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Leading decentralized E-Commerce

In an era where digital marketplaces are expanding rapidly, the risk to consumer data grows in tandem. XHYPE is creating the solution to these risks, offering zero data solutions in the e-commerce sector.

Problems we are solving

Stolen information

Verizon's 2020 DBIR report found that 30% of data breaches in the previous year were caused by insiders, meaning individuals who were employed by the organization were responsible for exposing or stealing information.

Password guessing

Data breaches can reveal personal information like addresses, birthdays, and children's names, which can be used to guess weak passwords.


Be wary of emails that seem to be from one e-shop, asking for urgent actions like clicking on some link, as they are likely to be fraudulent attempts.

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Market Opportunity
The B2C e-commerce market is on an explosive trajectory
6.5 trillions
2023 market size
8.3 trillions
2024 market size
11.34 %
Yearly growth
2.14 billions
2021 Buyers
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$XHP Token

Revolutionizing Marketplace Experiences

Our unique tokenomics structure not only ensures a stable and appreciating asset but also enriches user interactions within the marketplace.

Sustaining Token Value

We've implemented a sophisticated burning mechanism that directly ties the consumption of services and goods within our platform to the appreciation of $XHP.

Integrity and User Confidence

In our commitment to providing a secure and reliable marketplace, we have partnered with Certik, a global leader in blockchain security.

Tokenomics Overview

An in-depth look into our unique token economics, designed to ensure long-term sustainability and growth for our community.



5,32M XHP




Investors Round

Seed round


0,60% of the supply

6 million $XHP

Vesting off-chain 4.54M XHP

6 months full locked & 6 months linear release

Vesting on-chain 1.12M XHP

20% TGE & 3 months linear release

Private Sale


7% of the supply

70 million $XHP

Vesting off-chain 8.6M XHP

12 months full locked & 6 months linear release

Vesting on-chain 20M XHP

20% TGE & 12 months linear release

Public Sale


2.20% of the supply

22 million $XHP

5% TGE & 3 months linear release



1,2% of the supply

12 million $XHP

Total supply: $XHP

Token distributionSupplyTokens
SEED ROUND0.60%6 mill
PRIVATE SALE7.00%70 mill
PUBLIC SALE2.20%22 mill
LIQUIDITY POOL1.20%12 mill
ADVISORS7.00%70 mill
TREASURY25.00%250 mill
MARKETING15.00%150 mill
TEAM12.00%120 mill
DEXES5.00%50 mill
CHARITY WALLET3.00%30 mill
BURNING POOL12.00%120 mill

Audited by Certik


Explore the World of xHype Passports

xHype introduces an innovative ecosystem where Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), known as Passports, unlock a plethora of benefits across various marketplaces. These Passports, spanning verticals like xTravel and xGiftCards, enable users to enjoy special privileges, access exclusive discounts, and engage in a dynamic secondary market for buying, selling, or trading their NFTs.

Our unique tokenomics, featuring a sophisticated burning mechanism, ensures the stability and growth of the $XHP token. By directly linking token appreciation to platform activity, we provide a secure, appreciating asset for our users, bolstered by our partnership with blockchain security leader, Certik.

For brands looking to offer unique value to their community, xHype offers co-branded Passport collaborations. Engage your audience with custom benefits and experiences, from travel discounts to exclusive entertainment offers, enhancing loyalty and enriching the customer experience.

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